We had the Titanium security system fitted. The fitter Andy was true gent and tradesman. I watched most of the process and was pleased with his approach to the job and the methods he used. A small problem on testing was quickly fixed. Calls from the control room were prompt to show they had seen the system had been activated. Carl the owner was very understanding when I told him I have a problem trusting people, thus he let me take the purchase and fitting at my pace with my full supervision along the way. Not many (if any) other companies would allow this. I will have to work my way through the system and told Carl this, he had no problems, informing me not to ring them first as this would test the whole set up. Initial impressions are; this is a very good, company and system with professional back up.

Opened a locker door this morning with the alarm armed. My wife indoors received a phone call with 10/15 seconds to inform us that the alarm had been activated. This is pretty good service.

Mr Mike L.

I think it's about time I said a heart-felt thank you for all the help, assistance and advice the and help that you have given me over the past 5 years. The defender that you fitted has behaved well, and even when I had problems a few years ago, the service I received was excellent.

As I am now in the process of buying a new motorhome, one of my first thoughts was to get a good tracker system, and as the one offered was no where near the specification of my existing defender, I am now getting a new unit fitted to my new vehicle. I would have no hesitation in recommending the defender or 'Outsmart the Thief' to anyone, many thanks for your excellent service and best wishes for the future.

Mr Nick H.

I cannot emphasize just how much peace of mind that the Titanium system gives us. I am not in the habit of giving testimonials as being in the service industry myself, I believe that people should expect good service, but exceptional service merits comment. It is without any reservation that I would recommend the Titanium as a product and the quality service from Outsmart The Thief Ltd.

Mr Danny L.

All our motorhomes are now fitted with an Outsmart the Thief security system. The overall service and quality of product we have received from Carl and his team has been second to none. Our customers have been rest assured that their motorhome has been fitted with what we believe to be the best security system on the market.

Scot Naylor, Vantage Motorhomes.

I have wanted for a while to send you our heart felt thanks for all the kind support you have given us on our adventure. When we have set off the alarm by mistake it always feels bad that you have to pick up the phone to ring us, I know you say it is no bother and that you are delighted that it is a mistake and not the real thing but never-the-less it feels unnecessary.

I have even tried to ring you immediately but you always get in first, we have timed you and so far your response to an alarm has always been under 2 minutes and often is a minute and 20 seconds and you can't get any better than that.

As you know we are not returning to the UK anytime soon so being secure and making sure we are safe is of paramount importance to us. The system you have installed both for the Navara and the Dream Seeker is simply excellent. Farewell for now and our thanks for taking such good care of us.

Giovanni and Fiona.

The 'Outsmart The Thief' alarm & tracker system gives us tremendous peace of mind as we travel extensively through the UK and mainland Europe but it has other very positive advantages too as we found out first hand when my husband, driving the motorhome and myself, driving our little car, lost each other in a busy French town on our way to Italy.

I just don't know what the outcome might have been if it wasn't for them keeping in touch with me by 'phone to pinpoint exactly where Roy was so that we could eventually meet up some 50 miles further along the motorway! We've always found Outsmart the Thief to be extremely efficient with a friendly personal touch but there help on this occasion was well over and above anything we could have hoped for. Thanks a million.

Sue & Roy W.

Having completed extensive research on motorhome security I opted for an Outsmart the Thief system. I've been very pleased with my decision. The service from Carl and his team is superb. They never tire of calling if we set the alarm off in error and I have nothing but praise for the quality of the product and service that comes with it.

We even had a situation where OTT was able to reset the system remotely and get it back up an
running after an error while we were in the depths of Scotland. An absolute credit and a very worthy purchase for the peace of mind it brings to owning our motorhome. Thank you OTT!

Mr Dan I.

I wish to record our appreciation and put on record how speedy and effective your alarm and tracker system is, which your company "Outsmart the Thief Ltd." has installed on my Caravan. The system effectiveness was demonstrated during the attempted entry to our caravan which occurred on Tuesday the 11th May 2010 at 07.10 hrs and, thanks to your Lockdown system it successfully deterred the intruder. Thanks once again.

Mr Fredrick G.

I’ve had my new van for a couple of months now, we had a tracker and alarm fitted by outsmart the thief. Very good service! 5 times I have set it off by mistake and five times I have had a phone call within 30 seconds to tell me it has been activated. I would recommend!! And I will remember to turn it off every time before long.

Mr Neil B.

Many thanks for your outstanding help during the four and a half years I have had your tracking system " Motorhome Defender " fitted to our motorhome. You have been considerate, helpful and understanding through this period. It has always been a pleasure to talk to you.

Mr Rod S.

I spent months researching alarms, trackers and companies, there motorhome security is clearly the best system on the market and at £750.00 I thought it was a very good price. I’ve had mine now for 6 months, every time it goes off they always ring within a minute. Can’t fault the fitting at all, it is very neat and tidy. Superb !

Mrs Fiona B.

We have to say how impressed we are since having "Outsmart the thief" installed in our new van. Installed in a couple of hours, you wouldn't notice anyone had been there. We follow a set procedure to arm and disarm, but do have the occasional lapse. The alarm sounded today due the lapse I mentioned, immediately followed by a phone call to check on the cause of the alarm, the whole episode was over in less than a minute, very good response. We would definitely recommend this product. You can sleep soundly knowing you have good security.

Mr Geoff C.

I'm new to motorhomes in general, so it has been a quick learning curve to do my best to avoid any mistakes during the purchase of a used and large Dethleffs A class. Being a used vehicle there was already an alarm fitted to the vehicle, it had the Motorhome Defender installed but I was advised by the seller that it was deactivated and basically up to me if I wanted to keep it or change for new.

I kept it but took a good amount of time to read about it and its merits, in particular the aftercare since I was not too sure what it did or how it did it. Regardless, I placed 5 separate calls to Outsmart, each and every call was supportive, informative and best of all, I was never asked to buy or subscribe to anything, just advised to compare its features and at some point, if I wanted it activating, to call them.

3 months later, I called them again to discuss an issue that was possibly linked to its override control of some electrics. Without any deliberation, they offered to fully replace the system, run all checks and basically fully service the system, after this offer, I agreed to then start the annual monitoring subscription.

I met up with Outsmart and after 2 hours at their cost, I had the job fully completed. You may think, reading this, that I may be linked in some way to outsmart? Please don't. This company is a credit to the industry and deserves all the encouragement to continue and develop its products and services.

Captains log, motorhomefacts.com.