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"I cannot emphasize just how much peace of mind that the system gives us. I am not in the habit of giving testimonials as being in the service industry myself, I believe that people should expect good service, but exceptional service merits comment. It is without any reservation that I would recommend the Defender as a product and the quality service from Outsmart The Thief Ltd". Danny L

"The 'Outsmart The Thief' alarm & tracker system gives us tremendous peace of mind as we travel extensively through the UK and mainland Europe but it has other very positive advantages too as we found out first hand when my husband, driving the motorhome and myself, driving our little car, lost each other in a busy French town on our way to Italy". Sue & Roy W

"I spent months researching alarms, trackers and companies, there motorhome security is clearly the best system on the market and at £650.00 I thought it was a very good price. I’ve had mine now for 6 months, every time it goes off they always ring within a minute. Can’t fault the fitting at all, it is very neat and tidy. Superb!"  Mrs Fiona B