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'Lockdown' is a two in one Caravan Alarm with a built in Tracking Device.
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The caravan tracker and alarm used in Lockdown works seamlessly to offer a degree of protection hitherto unavailable for caravans. Designed as a bespoke solution to caravan security, this system incorporates novel features which prevent unauthorised entry, or theft. Whether in storage or in constant use, Lockdown is on hand to provide security and peace of mind. The security system provides a geo-fence to protect the caravan - this will send an alert if the van is moved outside the set perimeter.

There are ‘intelligent’ self-levelling tilt sensors which can detect any movement along or across the vehicle. The habitation door will have a wireless door contact which can also be fitted to other doors/lockers. It even monitors the caravan battery and alerts when tampered with or it goes low, it even has its own back-up battery built-in.

Once inside, you are protected further by the wireless PIR detector, which incorporates a lock-out feature to prevent continuous false alarms. A night/pet setting can also be set to allow you to sleep and/or leave a pet inside the caravan with the alarm system armed.

You can arm and disarm the caravan alarm with the two supplied 4 button rolling-coded key fobs, you can also do this by using the text service or by telephoning the monitoring centre. Lockdown allows you to personalise your unit to your own needs – be it wireless multiple locker or windows contacts.

If the thief manages to gain access, the team at the UK Monitoring Centre will contact you and then follow strict procedures to recover the vehicle if it is moved. The roaming sim card provides excellent tracking coverage throughout Europe and the UK.

A truly exceptional caravan security system that can be can be fitted at your home by one of our nationwide team of fitters; it’s transferable from one vehicle to another, and won’t break the bank either. Lockdown comes with a 2 year warranty and can be supplied and fitted from £688.00 anywhere in the U.K.

Your caravan alarm is monitored and tracked 24-hours, 365 days a year, throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. A precise location is also given immediately the alarm is triggered, and information on exactly which alarm circuit has been activated. Monitoring is charged at £99.00 per year, or discounted to £255.00 for a three years or £399.00 for a five year package.

For further peace of mind and a great way to find your caravan - a simple press of the remote control button or send a text and the lights on the vehicle will flash and the siren sounds.

MOBILE PHONE APP (available soon)
Apple and Android customers can Lockdown, locate and receive alarm alerts using our mobile phone app. Also if you’re unsure if you have correctly armed the caravan alarm while out exploring - of course the mobile phone app can do that too!

This feature allows you to have full remote control of the alarm and tracking system by sending a simple text command to a dedicated mobile number, with this you can fully or part arm/disarm the alarm, sound the alarm and flash the caravan lights. The status command will send you a full report including a google map link to track and locate your caravan.

There are ‘intelligent’ self-levelling tilt sensors built into the unit, they will detect any movement along or across the vehicle. These being digital, allow for the caravan to be to placed/parked on a hill without causing the alarm to be falsely triggered.

A highly encrypted manual waterproof override dongle and dongle park are supplied with every system. These are used as fail-safe should all else fail and will disengage the security system – they should not be kept with the caravan keys!

Specifically designed for the leisure market these small contacts are ideal for protecting all your habitation lockers and doors. The caravan alarm system can provide cover for over 50 wireless products, being wireless means a far less intrusive installation with no wires visible.

With an easy to install purpose made bracket, these wireless contacts are the perfect solution for protecting those vulnerable windows and vents. As with all our contacts, detectors and remote controls the batteries are replaceable.

Our wireless detector is perfect for detecting unauthorised movement within the caravan. It also incorporates a lock-out feature, preventing continuous false alarms. The PIR detector is isolated when using either the night or pet setting.

The system status is confirmed by the flashing internal status LED.

The night/pet setting allows you to sleep inside the caravan or leave a pet inside with the system still armed, it can also be activated remotely via the app or text control feature from any mobile phone.

All our systems come with one siren as standard, this is normally fitted outside the vehicle. Should you wish to get a more aggressive sound from your caravan alarm, then our waterproof sirens are not known to be quiet! You can add as many additional sirens as you wish, however we would only recommend one extra internal sounder if any.

Attention to detail is revealed when using the two supplied 4 button remote control fobs; these use a random encrypted rolling-code to prevent grabbing devices being effective. Further remote controls can be added to your caravan alarm, either at installation or later.

A built-in safety feature is fitted; preventing accidental arming of the caravan alarm whilst driving.

Our unique self-diagnostic repair technology has a watchtower to regularly checks itself (so you don't have to) for any faults or anomaly, Should it find anything, it will use its built-in software to rectify any situation, reporting this to the monitoring centre. It can even power itself down and perform a total reset back to that set on installation.

The system is protected by an internal battery-backup; this is only used when the vehicle battery drops below 5 volts, or is disconnected.

Software constantly monitors the battery condition, should it be tampered with or go low, an alert will be sent to both the monitoring centre and you.

Two adhesive window warning stickers are supplied as standard, if more are required they will supplied free of charge upon request.

Should you wish to sell or change your caravan, the whole system is transferable from customer to customer or from one vehicle to another. Monitoring can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, system to system or even frozen whilst vehicles are exchanged.

All our Lockdown products are covered by a two year parts and labour warranty, as the world's largest supplier of Gemini alarm and tracking systems Outsmart the Thief Ltd carries a large component stock and can dispatch all our parts normally the same day.

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